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Magic For Beginners DVD Volume 1

Magic For Beginners DVD Volume One

  • Theo The Magician and his Magic Friends have put together a Fantastic Magic DVD for people interested in Performing their own Magic.

  • "MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS" shows the presentation of each Magic Trick with a full clear explanation.

  • Learn how to: fan a pack of cards, make the cards spring from one hand to another, make a card magically rise out of the deck, cut the deck with only one hand, perform the famous "cups and balls trick", magically produce four aces, make a cup float in mid air and many other fantastic tricks and magical effects.

  • For ages six and above. Adults are enjoying the DVD just as much, if not more than the children. This will keep you enthralled for hours, as you will be able to watch, learn and entertain your family and friends.

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