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Balloon Modelling DVD For Beginners Volume 1

Balloon Modelling DVD for Beginners Volume One Balloon Twisting Animals Swords Teaching Learning Magic Circle Three Twist Dog Giraffe Mouse Rabbit Poodle Butterfly Fish Fishing Rod with Fish Sword Magic Helmet Dog Hat Parrot on Swing Tortoise

  • Theo will teach you step by step fifteen "Easy To Make" Balloon Models.
  • His daughter Elena, who is eight, can make all of them.
  • The DVD includes How To Make: The Three Twist Dog, Basic Dog, Giraffe, Mouse, Rabbit, Poodle, Butterfly, Fish, Fishing Rod with Fish, Sword, Magic Helmet, Dog Hat, Parrot on a Swing, Tortoise and Flying Mouse.
  • Includes twenty Special Modelling Balloons and a Pump

Spinning Plate

Plate Spinning

  • Spinning Plate
  • Comes with Plastic Spinning Stick
  • An Alternative Party Bag Gift
  • Please Check Colour Availability Before Ordering

Magic Wand

Magic Wand
  • 26.5cm Long
  • Plastic
  • Ideal for Party Bags

Extreme Business Networking

Theo's Magic Hands