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The Magic Circle

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Sutton & Cheam Surrey Magician Theo Entertains The Sheen Stroke Club London For The Third Time

On Thursday 20th June 2013 Sutton & Cheam Surrey Magician entertained The Sheen Stroke Club for the third time at Sheen Lane Community Centre in Sheen Lane London. Theo The Magician entertained all the members and volunteers with his Interactive Fun Cabaret Show.

Both members and volunteers asisted and had fun with Theo's Magic. At the end all the helpers assisting in the magic throughout the Show were made balloon models from A dog, sword to a mouse and flower to the amusement of everyone watching.

Theo enjoys visiting The Sheen Stroke Club and looks forward to his next visit, where he has already been requested to do his infamous Plate Spinning after appearing live on Des O'Conner's Show teacthing both Des and Melanie Sykes.
To watch this live TV clip, go to Theo's Home Page on scroll down and click the clip.


Award Sutton Business Winner Theo The Magician Entertains The Crowds At St Raphael's Summer Fair With Magic Balloon Modelling & Plate Spinning

On Sunday 24th June 2012 Suttun's Award Winning Magician Theo performed two Magic Spots in the arena at St Raphael's Summer Fair held in their grounds in North Cheam Surrey. Theo's first performance was a Family Magic Show where familes were allowed into the arena and enjoyed Theos' Interactive Fun Show. The most Magical part of the Show was as soon as Theo started his Magic the Sun came out!!
Ten minutes before Theo's second performance it started to pour with rain. Everyone disapeared, but when Theo stepped into the arena it stopped and yes!! the Sun came out again. In Theo's second Magical performance he managed to make all the children, mums and dads reappear back into the arena where they were taught Plate Spinning. There was a competition for best child, mum and dad at Plate Spinning. Theo picked two of each for a grand final. As they were all very good finalists instead of just choosing one winner Theo awarded all of them with a Plate Spinning Set each. Radio Jackie who were providing the sounds throghout the Fair were so impressed that they also gave them a Radio Jackie T-shirt each.
Talking of Radio Jackie - Theo's Magic performance finished with trying to teach Radio Jackie's Nikki to Plate Spin. She was very trying and  eventually managed it with a little help from Theo's Magic Hand.
Theo was about to disappear, but Suzi Forland St Raphael's Events Fundraiser said, "You can't go, you have done a fantastic job and when you appear the Sun stays out". With a bribe of a Cheese Burger Magicialy cooked by the MG Club, Theo ended up staying to the end and it didn't rain again. Suzi must of had a Magic effect on Theo or was it the Pimms? as Theo ended up helping to pack up.
Everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon with lots of money being raised for St Raphael's Hospice.

London Surrey Corporate & Children's Entertainer


Wedding Entertainment - London Magic Circle Magician Theo Entertains The London Chamber of Commerce Summer Party At The Goring, Beeston Place SW1W 0JW

London Magic Circle Magician Theo The Magician Entertaining The Guests of The London Chamber of Commerce Summer Party at The Goring London

Theo’s interactive magic added another dimension to the evenings networking.  Theo subtly mingled with guests and performed close-up tricks, which provided a fun element to the event, as well as working as a great ice-breaker for those guests who wished to network and make new business connections.

Jenny Crouch - Event Manager - London Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Over 180 Businesses attended The London Chamber of Commerce's Summer Party held on the lawn next to the Croquet Green of The Goring. Chamber memebrs were throughly entertained by Theo The Magician's Award Winning Interactive Close Up Magic.  Laughter and applause could be heard around the grounds of The Goring. 

David Holbrook of Diskojuice (holding the pack of cards) wanted to see a Magic Trick, so Theo performed his Special Interactive Card Trick where David could chose anyone to assist him and think of any Card he liked and if by Magic Theo made it appear..................

Beatrice Van Hoorn Alkema - Commercial Director & Chritine Wittl - Divisional Manager of 1st Transnational Translations - Translation & Interpreting Services enjoying and proving the Magical Statement that "Seeing Is Believing" no matter what nationality you are. Theo's Magic is Universally translated into Interactive Fun, Laughter and Enjoyment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne Restrepo of Mandarin Consultant and one of the lads assisting Theo performing his Award Winning Mouse Trap Card Trick, which won him The Surrey Close Up Championships of The Surrey Society Of Magicians.

All Photos Courtesy of Damian Walker Photographer

Theo The Magician made this Business Networking Event in London a Fun Enjoyable Evening with his Interactive Magical Entertainment. If you'd like to add a bit of Magic to your Networking or Business Event so peolpe remember you, then Theo will be happy to explain everything he can do for you.  Call him direct on 07711 724 129 or view his website below.

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