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Plate Spinning

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A Night Of Magic Plate Spinning and Fine Dining Hare and Hounds Claygate Surrey With Sutton and Epsom Close Up Magic Champion Theo The Magician

Magic Dinner Hare and Hounds Claygate
On Tuesday 25th October 2016 the Hare & Hounds Claygate in Surrey celebrated the opening of their extended restaurant with a Magic Dinner with Surrey Close Up Champion Theo The Magician.
Sutton and Epsom Magician Theo is very versatile and began the evening with a Fun Interactive Magic Cabaret Show for all the customers of the Hare & Hounds. This got the laughter and interaction going before they made their starters disappear.
Sutton Epsom Close Up Magic Champion Surrey Hare and Hounds Claygate Surrey
Before the main course appeared Theo The Magician went around all the tables performing his Award Winning Close Up Magic with lots of laughter and applause.
After the main cousre Theo The Magician taught everyone Plate Spinning. This is when it became very lound with plates going hear there and everywhere, but without one glass being broken. Theo The Magician then introduced a few Plate Spining Competions to the amusement of all the customers. A few where taking it very seriously. The competitions were the first one to get it up, most passes between two people and the wildest Plate Spinners.
Banstead Epsom Best Close Up Magic Surrey Champion Teaching Plate Spinning Hare and Hounds Claygate Surrey
Pictured are Richard and Tabitha of Portsmouth who came up to visit their mum and dad in Claygate especialy for the Magic Dinner. They won the Wildest Plate Spinning category wining a Plate Spinning Set. Theo heard they were still Plate Spinning until the early hours when they arrived back at their dad's place.


Surrey Magician Theo Visits St Ambrose RC Church Warlingham Surrey For The First Time

Award Winning Surrey Magician Theo attended St Ambrose RC Church Warlingham Surrey for the 1st time yesterday. Theo has visited many of the venues in Warlingham including the Village Hall, but not this one just tucked behind the green.

On this occasion it was for the celebration of a five year old boy. Over thirty children and their parents enjoyed Theo's Two Hour Party Show. Surrey Magician Theo started with some balloon games before going into his Children's Interactive Magic Show. There was special Magic Tricks for the birthday boy who also turned into a Magician and made prizes appear. After the Magic Show everyone made their sandwiches and sausages disappear. On returning Theo had them all dancing with special prizes for the best and funniest dancers. Then everyone including Mum's and Dad's had a go at Theo's Infamous Plate Spinning (if you'd like to see Theo teach Des O'Conner and Melanie Sykes Plate Spinning live on their Show, go the the website front page). At the end of the Party every child received a Bunny Copter and Magic Bookmark. At the very end the Birthday Boy came up and Theo presented him with a Magic Wand and Magic Certificate. 

Theo The Magician enjoyed his first visit to St Ambrose RC Church Warlingham Surrey and would recommend the place for Children's Parties.

For more information on Theo The Magician go to

Epsom Esher Sutton Purley Corporate Entertainer Theo The Magician Performs At The Opening Of Showrooms At House Of Reeves At Reeves Corner Croydon A Year After The London Riots

  On Wednesday 8th August 2012 The House Of Reeves at Reeves Corner Croydon opened their new Showrooms a year after the London Riots. Theo The Magician was asked to come along and entertain family, friends and supporters of The House Of Reeves. Theo entertained everyone with his Award Winning Close Up Magic, Plate Spinning and Balloon  Modelling. Pictured here is Mr Reeves being presented a Plate Spinning Set by Theo The Magician for Winning the Plate Spinning Competition.

House of Reeves Theo The Magician Balloon ModellingMr Reeves said, "Just a note to say thank you for entertaining the family and guests at House of Reeves last Wednesday. The balloon hats are still in existence and amusing customers and the plate spinning is driving everyone to distraction trying to emulate your skills. I've had to take it home to practice so I can still be the boss!"

As for the magic, its a skill that we will will never understand so keep up the entertainment.

The Balloon Modelling was originally for the children, but the adults enjoyed the Balloon Modelling just as much, some even more. The Balloon Modelling added a lot of colour and fun to the morning procedures.

Plate Spinning with four Spinning Plates assisted by Theo The Magican  Everyone had fun attempting the Plate Spinning and seeing how many Spinning Plates they could spin in two hands. The record was four.


Plate Spinning for Children with Sutton's Children's Entertainer Theo The Magician

Once again the favourite Ballon Modelling Hat was an Olympic Balloon Modelling Hat.

As you can see from the photos it was a very much family fun occasion, just what was wanted for this kind of Event.

House of Reeves Opening AT Reeves Corner Croydon A Year after The London Riots With Theo The Magician House Of Reeves Balloon Modelling Theo The Magician House of Reeves Theo The Magician Plate Spinning 380.JPG House of Reeves Theo The Magician Plate Spinning with four Plates 380.JPG