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Doorstep Magic By Theo The Magician – The New Norm in Magic Shows 2020

With coronavirus still in our mists this "Doorstep Magic" will be the new norm for Magic Shows until we get the all clear. Theo The Magician has devised and adapted both his Children's and Adult's Show with Social Distancing to create a safe environment for all

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Doorstep Magic By Theo The Magician

This will be the New Norm in Magic Shows from June 2020 until Magicians get the all clear

This Show pictured shows Theo The Magician’s first Magic Show ever with Social Distancing

Two very excited brothers on their doorstep in Epsom

Theo said, “This is my first Live Magic Show in over ten weeks and my first Show ever with Social Distancing”

A very special treat for two brothers at their very own Private Magic Show in Epsom on their front drive.

Their dad was over the moon that Theo was willing to do this for his boys. I think Theo enjoyed performing the Show just as much as the boys enjoyed it.

Theo will start now offer this with family households in their garden or drive depending on what the Government Rules are at the time.

Theo says, “For the first time in his Magic Career he will be very strict in how this is carried out for safety of all concerned, but it can be done, as long as both Parties are Sensible and Social Distancing is kept at all times……………..

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