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Magic Fundraising with Theo The Magician and his Magic Friends supporting St Christopher’s Hospice

Theo The Magician helps a retired Magician clear out his Magic to offer it to fellow Magician’s and Magically makes funds appear for St Christopher’s Hospice in Beckenham

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Theo The Magician was approached by a friend and fellow Magician, who is a very keen Magic enthusiast who use to perform Children’s Magic Shows for Schools and Local Charities

He has now Magically retired and in Magic terms “Hung up his wand”

Having collated quite a lot of Magic, Books and DVD’s over the years he did not want to see it all go to waste. He knows Theo is an avid fundraiser and asked him if he would be able to pass his Magic onto fellow Magicians with any funds raised going to charity.

Theo is a member of the Magic Circle and a very active member of The South London Magic Society (SLMS) that meet in the Beckenham area.

There was quite a lot of Magic and Theo had it all for over a week laid out across his living room floor sorting it into Magic Tricks, DVD’s and Books. His wife wasn’t too pleased having the front room taken over by a jumbled-up Magic Shop. The Books took the longest to sort as some were very valuable.
Theo then loaded it all up into his car to take to SLMS with strict instructions not to bring any boxes of Magic back home. Members of SLMS were able to purchase and very good prices. The top sellers were some very sort after Magic books.

Once all the members were finished Theo passed the remaining Magic on to Sarah Campbell, who is a Magician of Magic and Bubbles. She took it along to other Magic Clubs and put the remaining Magic Books on eBay. Again, it was the Magic books that proved popular.

The SLMS unofficial charity is St Christopher’s Hospice, where they have supported in the past with charity Magic Shows.

Theo The Magician with SLMS members and the help of Sarah is very happy to announce they managed to raise a Magic £500 for St Christopher’s Hospice. It was a little shy of the figure, but Theo “If by Magic” was more the happy to round it off to a Magic Number.

Theo was waiting to collect all the money before sending, but thought it was very important to get the funds sent in.

Theo would like to thank all fellow SLMS Magic members with a special than you to Sarah for her Magic input.

In Theo The Magician’s thirty-six years of fundraising this is the first time he has carried out a virtual cheque presentation.

Watch out for Theo The Magician’s next Magic Family Fundraising Event, which will grow on you.

Some of the charities being supported will be St Christopher’s Hospice, The NHS and a hand full of Sutton Charities to include St Raphael’s Hospice, The Royal Marsden, Jigsaw4u, St Helier Neonatal Unit and the New Sutton Mayor’s Charities