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Magic Theo Is Back In The Building Of Brooklands David Lloyd Weybridge Surrey

Another Big Family Weekend Magic Show for Theo The Magician

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Great to be back as Theo The Magician at Brooklands David Lloyd Weybridge on Sunday for another “Big Family Weekend Show”

Some of the families came especially after seeing me at my first Show at Brooklands David Lloyd Weybridge at the beginning of the year.

Another successful Magic Show with Musical Games and the ever-favourite Plate Spinning.

Started the day with a 10-year-old Magic Workshop for 15 girls in Epsom. Then a reset of Magic and a shoot down the A3 to Brooklands Weybridge in Surrey just around the corner from Silvermere Golf Club.

What was lovely this time, is that I didn’t have another Show to rush off to so I could make use of the facilities with a swim, steam, sauna finishing with a relaxing jacuzzi – Magic!