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Mr Blobby and Theo The Magician when he was the Buckinghamshire County Sports Development Officer for the British Sports Association for the Disabled

Today a Mr Blobby Outfit was sold for £62,000!

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A Double Magic Woooow Woooow!
Did you know a second-hand Mr Blobby outfit like this was sold today for £62,000?
Did you know this picture was taken just about 30 years ago?
It was actually 9th March 1994 at Stoke Mandeville when I was The Bucks County Development Officer for the British Sports Association for the Disabled. I would promote sporting opportunities for disabled people all over the county of Buckinghamshire. These pictures are of the Boccia Launch I had with over 160 disabled people in attendance from 5-year-olds to 70-year-olds.
Boccia is a type of indoor bowls. It wasn’t a Paralympic sport back then, but now it is.
The reason I loved promoting and setting up leagues in Bucks was that Boccia is a Sport any person with any type of ability can play and non-disable and disabled people can play together. Back in the day I was known as Mr Boccia.
The day was a great success with a little help from some Rotaract friends (Rotaract is like the younger version of Rotary) from different Districts and a lot of publicity was gained by having the one and only Mr Blobby in attendance.
Blobby Blobby Blobby………………………………