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Sutton Surrey Magician Theo Still Providing Interactive Fun Magical Entertainment

London’s Theo The Magician enjoyed a lovely sunny break and now loving being back at work proving Magic Shows for both adults and children

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Magic is still there with Theo The Magician

After “Elvis left the Building” or should I say “Theo left the UK” for a quick getaway to Tenerife Theo The Magician “Is back in the Room” I mean “Back in the UK”

He has adopted a New Magic Technique of keeping fellow Magicians quiet and making them disappear.

Talking of Elvis – Do you know what Theo The Magician and Elvis have in common?

Answer at the bottom of this article.

Theo is pictured with fellow Magician Simon Rosselli President of the South London Magic Society.

Tanned Theo is now excited once again that with restrictions now lifted people are happy, relieved and very comfortable in having their celebration parties.

This weekend Theo is entertaining at the Queens Stand Epsom for a Wedding, then on Sunday a Children’s Show in Roehampton, then at Surbiton Town Sports Club.

If you’d like to see what Theo can provide at your Special Celebration, be it a Children’s Party, Wedding, Banquet, Anniversary or Garden Party press on this Magic Button to view all his many different forms of entertainment.

PS. Theo will be organising his Magic Sunflower Competition again this year with two of the Charities being Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust Neonatal Unit and Born Too Soon – Kingston Hospital Neo-Natal Unit – Further details to come next month…….

Answer to above question: They both have the same birthday – do you know the date?