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Sutton’s Theo The Magician to the Rescue at a Holy Communion Party in Walton on the Hill Surrey

A mother from Walton on the Hill Surrey rings Sutton's Magic Theo in a panic

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Theo the Magician of Sutton took a call on Friday from a mother in Walton on the Hill who was in a little bit of a panic

It was her son’s Holy Communion Celebrations the following day and they were having a Big Garden Party.

They knew the weather was going to be bad and wasn’t going to have all the outdoor activities that were organised.

She had all these guests turning up and it could have been a total washout.

Magic Theo ended up doing a two-hour Magic session compiling of a mixture of a Children’s Show, Close Up Magic for the adults and a very special tailored Magical Effect for the eight-year-old involving fire.

They were all wowed and amazed and then Magic Theo disappeared “Just Like That” but not in a “Puff of Smoke”

NB. No children, animals, adults, tents or Magicians were harmed in this Special Effect

Do Not Try This At Home!