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The Hogwarts Express Arrives In Epsom On Coronation Sunday

Thirty Children in Epsom take part in Theo The Magician's Harry Potter Show with Quidditch Games

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Theo The Magician starts off Coronation Sunday morning with a Harry Potter Show with Quidditch Games for 30 children in Epsom.

There were lots of little Harry Potters, a Professor McGonagall and one Hagrid enjoying lots of Magic.
All the Magical Effects were related to the first book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

A Brucie Bonus was that the weather was good and were able to perform the part two of the Harry Potter Show of the Quidditch Games in the Garden.

The kids went off to the Bouncy Castle and the mums and dads had fun playing Quidditch as well.

Then, a quick Hogwarts Express home for break, shower and Magic Change for the afternoon’s Coronation Street Party in Chessington.

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