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Wedding Magic in Sutton By Interactive Fun Sutton Magician Theo

Wedding Magic is finally back after all this time. Great to see everyone dancing and having fun

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It felt so good to perform live Magic again at another Wedding. What was even more Magic, it was just around the corner in Sutton.

Congratulations to the NEW Mr & Mrs Radford.

The NEW Mrs Radford said: “Thank you so much Theo for being part of our special day on Saturday, everyone had a blast”

I was asked to entertain the kids for two hours while the mums and dads were able to have a bit of peace, eat, drink and chill.

Every now and again the mums and dads would pop in to see if their kids were okay. I think this was the true reason as we soon had more adults than kids in the Kids Party Room. I think the big kids (adults) enjoyed my Magic Show just as much and you could say, more than their actual kids.

My Interactive Plate Spinning went down the best as per usual.

After two hours for the so called children, I appeared in the main marque performing my award winning Close Up Magic for the big Kids.

Great interactive fun had by all and really happy to be back in the swing of Live Entertainment.
Theo The Magician always recommends, if there are quite a few children at a Wedding to have a sperate room and an entertainer for them, so mums and dads can have a little break.

Then once the children are happy the big kids (adults) have their own Magical Entertainment.
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