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Zoom Magic Workshop for 8’s and Above

Children have a lot of Interactive Fun when participating in a Zoom Magic Workshop

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For this weekend’s Zoom Magic Workshop the mother of one of Birthday children receives this Magical Bundle.

The mother then passes on all these Magic Goodies to all the other mums and lets Theo The Magician know where they have been hidden.

So when Theo The Magician makes something disappear he can Magically tell every child were it has disappeared to in their house, making the Zoom Magic as Magical as possible.

These Zoom Magic Birthday Workshops are suitable for 8’s Upwards.

They will start off with Magic, then teaching of a card tricks and finishing off with the popular Plate Spinning.

Both Birthday children will be presented a laminated Magic Certificate and a Magic Wand and every child receives a Magic Book Mark and Bunny Copter and as their Special Magic Gift a Plate Spinning Kit.

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