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Another Successful Charity Poker Night at The Chequers Walton on the Hill organised by Magic Theo

Magic Theo is very good at encouraging local businesses to get together to Network, whilst having fun and supporting local charities

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What a Magic Night at “another one” of Magic Theo’s Fun Charity Poker Night’s. This time at The Chequers Walton on the Hill supporting three local charities. Jigsaw4u in Mitcham, The Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead and The Rainbow Children’s Charity, also based in Leatherhead. A big Thank you to The Team at Chequers for taking care of us all, from the manager, bar staff and head chef.
We managed to raise £831.

A Massive thank you to our four Sponsors:

The CBD Choice
The Natural Way Banstead
Ace Accountancy
Chris Keehn Builders

Magic Theo’s Fun Poker Nights are always fun. It gives people who have never played or have always wanted to play a chance to learn a new card game.
Magic Theo always starts with a Magic Card School where he teaches everyone the basic rules. He also provides A3 Pop Up Banners on each table showing the top 10 hands from Ace High to a Royal Flush.

Tables were made up of up to eight people. Once everyone understands how to play Magic Theo gets everyone started for the first round, which lasts about fifty minutes.

Whilst the first round was going on Magic Theo went around the whole pub selling raffle tickets to anyone and everyone he could find. After the first round everyone had some lovely food especially prepared by Head Chef Chris who also came out of the kitchen to say hi and wish us well.

During the break we had the Magic Raffle with a difference (A raffle, but not as you know it), then a Mini Auction.  

The Winner of each table went on to play out at The Winners Table and everyone else played for a Table Trophy. Magic Theo is known for coming up with Fun Trophies, which everyone wants to win.

Funnily enough and it wasn’t a fix the overall Winner was AJ from Ace Accountancy. “Well Done AJ”

Magic Theo loves it when everyone ends up having fun, learning something different, making friends and new business contacts with the Brucie Bonus of knowing all the money raised goes to local charities.

If you would like to go on the mailing list for Magic Theo’s next charity event email him a Magic request: