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Close Up Magic Surrey

Theo performs Close Up Magic in Surrey, London and all over the UK.

Close Up Magic is a brilliant way to get your party or event going. Close Up Magic is what it says on the tin, Magic Close Up. Also known as, a Mingling Magician, Table Magician, Strolling Magician or Walkabout Magician. This is performed to two or more people in small groups, at the bar, at the table or wondering around.

Theo is a Surrey Close Up Champion, A South London Close Up Champion and Best New Comer Close Up Champion at The South London Close Up Championships.

Close Up Magic can break the ice with those who are uncomfortable with large crowds as well as stimulate conversation, and creates a wonderful, fun and entertaining atmosphere.

If you are holding any kind of Social Gathering, Staff Party, Christmas Party, Dinner Banquet, Charity Ball or Wedding, then why not make your event outstanding, unforgettable and truly Magical?

Theo The Magician’s Interactive Fun Close Up Magic will have your guests laughing and thoroughly amused from the word Go.

Close Up Magic is a wonderful addition to any social function and ensures that everybody feels at ease, relaxed and has a great time. It can gently bring in the shy and anxious people who don’t know each other like at a Wedding. It gives them something to chat about afterwards encouraging conversation and buzz in any room.

Close Up Magic has the ability to lift the energy of a room.

If you want to make your event magical, then fill out the enquiry form or call.