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Neonatal Unit Magic At St Helier Hospital Carshalton By Theo The Magician Of Sutton Surrey

Surprize Surprize for Theo The Magician on breaking the £30,000 raised for The Neonatal Unit

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What a pleasant “Surprize” for Theo The Magician of Sutton in Surrey.

Theo was invited up to The Neonatal Unit at St Helier Hospital the day after his daughter’s Elena’s 22nd Birthday last Wednesday for a Special Neonatal Open Day.
This was a good excuse to present the £600 raised in Theo The Magician’s Magic Sunflower Competition, where a total of £1660 was raised, which also went to other local charities.

To his surprise new sister Jean at the Neonatal Unit presented him with a Specially Engraved Glass Plaque with the words, “Thank you for your continuous fundraising support – Neonatal Unit St Helier Hospital 2023”. Jean is the Kangaroo!

With this £600 it has now just tipped raising over £30,000 for the Neonatal Unit after Elena Theodoris was cared for, after being born 10 weeks early weighing only 2 Ib.

Some past events to make up the £30,000+ were of course Theo The Magician’s Magic Sunflower Competitions.
Other events include Magic Nights as Theo The Magician, donations carried out when Massaging as Mobile Sports Massage by Theo (Theo has been a Home Visiting Massage Therapist for over 30 years), Bowling Nights, Pool Comps, Laserquest, Pub It’s A Knockout, Games Night, Poker Nights, Connect 4 and Spot The Baby Giraffe.

Theo The Magician’ next event will be a Connect 4 Night. If you would like to be put on the invitation email or able to donate a Connect 4 Game, please email him at

Please let Theo know where he could buy a cheap giant Connect 4 or borrow one.

Equipment bought so far: An Incubator, Breathing Machines, An Interactive Computer Baby Doll, which plugs into the computer and the young doctors and nurses can practice on with different generated scenarios being programmed, Temperature Machines and other Baby Dolls where you can practice putting the needles in for blood transfusions and many more items.

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