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Surrey Magician Theo Win’s David LLoyd’s Good Friday American Tennis Tournament

David Lloyd Purley has a new Good Friday Men's Winner - Surrey Magician Theo pulls of a Magic Tie Breaker

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Surrey Magician Theo of Sutton entered his first ever American Tennis Tournament at Davis Lloyd Purley in The 2019 Good Friday Competition.

Thirty-two players entered. Magic Theo has really enjoyed playing a lot more Tennis this year since re-joining David Lloyd after a ten year absence. Magic Theo has been a member of Cheam Fields Tennis and Bowls Club for over twenty years, but never plays much over the winter months due to weather and being his busiest time of the year for Magic Shows for both Children and Adults.

When Theo had the offer to play in the David Lloyd Tournament at Purley he thought it would be good fun and some good court time practice. Theo said, “It was great fun and experience playing with players above his own standard”

The competition at the Surrey David Lloyd was played through out the morning. You played as doubles and the Tennis Coach kept your individual game wins. When the coach was reading out the winners Magic Theo was putting his racquet away as he thought he had no chance. The coach then told Magic Theo to get his racquet out as he was playing a Tie Breaker as their were two guys on 21 game wins. 

Magic Theo was pleasantly surprized, then thought “Oh No” as he was about to play a Mini Tie Break first to three with a playing well above his standard.

Everyone was watching and Magic Theo just played consitantly, but went 2 -1. His oppenent then very unlike him put two in the net and Magic Theo won 3 – 2. That was “Magic” and Theo was over the moon.

Pictured is both Guys and Girls Winners Theo and Victoria