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Sutton’s Theo The Magician Shares Magic Tips, Ideas & Media Awareness to a Group of Magicians

This includes advertising on Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Making your Magic more Magical and gaining more Magic bookings.

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Sutton’s Theo The Magician Entertains & Shares Magic Tips, Ideas & Media Awareness to a Group of Magicians From South London Magic Society

Starting any type of business these days can be very daunting. Where do you advertise’ How much should you spend on advertising’ What media platforms should you use’ Once booked and performed how do I increase my awareness’ How do I make my business details appear in the hands of a prospected client magically’

Theo the Magician from Sutton in Surrey took a trip over to Clock House near Beckenham to present the Magicians of South London Magic Society his experiences, tips and ideas to help fellow Magicians gain more awareness in their communities and on different media platforms and how to gain further bookings from existing bookings.
Magic Theo has been performing for children and adults for over twenty years now. This includes anything from a five year of Birthday Party, Magic Workshop, School Proms to a Dinner Banquet, Wedding, Shop Opening to Business Networking Events. So, you could say Theo has a little experience to share.
The evening was fun, pleasant and very interactive. Theo even picked up some very good ideas and Magic tips as well.

What a Fun Night of Magic with Magicians……..