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Extreme Magic – From Six to Ninety – Just Like That!

From Magic to Massage – This is not uncommon for Theo The Magician to be booked by one of his Massage Clients for their Birthday Celebrations.

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This is truly “From one extreme to another”

Today Theo The Magician (for over 30 years) started the morning with his Two Hour Interactive Fun Party Show in Sanderstead for a six year old girl with all her friends at Home to Jean’s 90th Celebration in their Communal Lounge in Walton on Thames.

Jean is blind and one of Theo’s new regular clients with his weekday Service as a Mobile Massage Therapist (for over 32+ years). Jean loves her weekly Massage.

Via Jean’s daughter Magic Theo heard, as well as Jean, all the ladies were looking forward to the Magic Show.

They all had a great Interactive Fun time and Jean actively enjoyed assisting Theo with any of the Magic she could touch, pull, hold and think of.

This is a lovely picture of Jean and Theo The Magician with her daughter photo bombing in the back ground.

It’s funny to think that Theo via his weekday job as a Mobile Massage Therapist and Chairman of The Sutton Complementary Health Network gains many Magic Opportunities. Theo’s Massage clientele ranges from Disability Centres, Care Homes, Parents, Golfers, Tennis Players to young and old. From all this Theo The Magician has been booked for Golf Clubs, different Community Centres to Corporate Dinners and Office Parties.

Magic Theo will make sure he brings the right equipment tomorrow for Jean’s regular Leg Massage.